My name is Martin Roberts. I have a PhD  in theoretical physics. I love maths and computing. I am open to new opportunities – consulting, contract or employment – as a data scientist, so let’s have a chat on how I can help you and your business! 


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  • Senior Statistician for Research Unit in a public health agency in Australia for 4 years.
  • PhD in theoretical physics.
  • data science consultant for Presciient
  • Specialist in both natural language processing and computer vision machine learning
  • Software development. web & mobile. Government & Private.
  • Qualified STEM teacher
  • Deputy state director Australian Mathematics Olympiad Committee

Feel free to contact me on: martinandalex (at) gmail (dot) com

or via  LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/martinroberts/

or Twitter: @TechSparx  https://twitter.com/TechSparx